Working at AlphaPlan

When you go to work for AlphaPlan you can count on an exciting job in an open, welcoming environment under flexible conditions where the employee always comes first. Great team spirit with respect for one and all is what AlphaPlan is all about.


Working for

Working together

Known for their hard work and no-nonsense approach, our employees are rewarded generously.

Working in our headquarters in Hulshout alternates regularly with assignments in the field with a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks and 1 weekend abroad under optimal conditions.

More specifically, employees can count on excellent remuneration, recuperation of overtime, have travel times counted as working hours, earn an annual bonus, and much more. Even perks such as a few days off abroad once assignments are completed are occasionally in the cards.

We give you all the freedom you need to work to your full potential and have fun not only during but also after working hours. Need a break? You will always find someone to blow off some steam with by the coffee machine!

Thinking together

Is something amiss? You get the chance to sit down regularly with your manager and give your opinion on what is going right and especially what is not. You will get the requisite feedback immediately, so that you know where you stand and how to move forward.

Have a brilliant plan for AlphaPlan? You will be given every opportunity to share your ideas during these feedback sessions so that together we can make our company an even better place to work.

Growing together

Needless to say, you should feel safe at work, but we believe that you should also feel good. We are intent on creating a workplace where everyone feels right at home regardless of their background.

To show that we mean what we say, we provide training so that you can grow together with us to create an environment where everything is possible.

Safety on the job remains an overriding priority and we comply fully with the VCA safety regulations.


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