Education and Training

We are readily delighted to share our many years of experience and expertise on ultraflat floors with everyone, including those who are not working for us. Would you like to hone your skills in everything to do with ultraflat floors? Are you looking for a customized training for your company? Then you have come to the right place at AlphaPlan.



Internal training

At AlphaPlan, employees always come first. We spare no effort to provide optimal training for everyone. And we are prepared and indeed gladly willing to go the extra mile to do so.

New employees undergo extensive training on how our machines work and on the entire grinding process before they can start working on their own. So you can rest assured that your projects are always in good hands.

External training

In addition to internal training for our employees, we also provide external training for forklift truck suppliers, engineering and consultancy firms and other floor and grinding companies.

We follow the train-the-expert principle, i.e. we share our insights with all experts when it comes to ultraflat floors. They in turn pass this knowledge on to their customers. In a word, we share our expertise of long standing efficiently with everyone.

Available in Belgium and abroad, depending on the respective needs and requirements, our training courses are given by local experts. One advantage of this approach is that our partner on-site is a local who imparts the training in his – and your – native language!

Our knowledge
is your strength

When it comes to ultraflat floors, we keep learning every day. We continue expanding our expertise without respite and don’t want to keep that knowledge to ourselves. Quite the contrary: we prefer to share it so that you can benefit to the maximum.
Learn from our many years of experience! Make the most of our knowledge!

Exclusive customized training

Contact us for a made-to-measure training course for your company! Our training courses are always designed specifically for your company and take your needs and wishes fully into account. Inquire about what we can do for you and book a training course straight away.


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