Floor Flatness for VNA: Discover the key to maximizing your warehouse efficiency!

In the fast-paced world of logistics, where every second counts, an ultra-flat warehouse floor is not just a luxury but a necessity.
Elevate your logistics environment and ensure an efficient & safe work traffic flow involving both the handling of goods and the performance of your forklift trucks!

Why Floor Flatness Matters:

Safety First: A flat floor isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring the safety of your team and equipment. From goods handling to forklift performance, a flat surface is paramount for accident prevention and operational safety.

Basic Standards: Explore the industry standards that outline basic tolerances for floor flatness. Specifically for optimal performance of your VNA truck, your warehouse floor needs to comply to the VDMA standard, the European standard endorsed by VNA forklift suppliers and industry experts.

The European Standard VDMA:

Developed through rigorous scientific research and industry collaboration, the VDMA standard is the only standard worldwide that controls all undulations that impact forklift driving behavior. From short to medium-long waves, VDMA leaves no stone unturned in ensuring your floor meets the highest standards of flatness.

This VDMA flatness requirement was included in the FEM 10.2.14 / 4.103 – 1 and in the European standard EN 15 620. It is therefore an official European flatness standard that must be met.

Visual Representation of the Impact of Floor Flatness on VNA Systems

The Benefits of Meeting VDMA:

Efficiency Unleashed: Experience maximum efficiency and profitability when your floor meets VDMA requirements. With fewer VNA trucks and drivers needed, you’ll streamline operations while minimizing maintenance costs.

Speed with Safety: Drive at full speed with confidence, knowing that your flat floor minimizes the risk of collisions and damage to pallets and goods. Safety isn’t compromised for speed with VDMA-compliant floors.

Longevity Guaranteed: Maximize the lifespan of your lift trucks and minimize downtime thanks to the superior flatness achieved through VDMA standards. With reduced wear and tear, your equipment stays operational for longer, saving you time and money in the long run.

VDMA Graphs after Alphaplan Ultraflat Grinding

Ready to Elevate Your Logistics Environment?

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Floor Flatness for VNA: Discover the key to maximizing your warehouse efficiency!