FloorShaver: ultraflat floor with maximum ROI

With the FloorShaver, AlphaPlan guarantees ultraflat floors with maximum ROI for your logistics systems. In plain words: maximum speed, maximum safety and maximum efficiency! One major advantage is a clearly quantifiable Return On Investment in 10 months on average.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we easily calculate the ROI of your polished floor. Clear, correct and telling! Enter a number of parameters and we will give you an initial estimate of the ROI.




Innovation that yields results

AlphaPlan can draw on more than 30 years of expertise to come up with solutions for ultraflat and ultraefficient logistics systems. We joined forces with a team of dedicated experts to develop the FloorShaver, a fully automated grinding machine, at our headquarters in Hulshout, Flanders.

Thanks to the FloorShaver, the Total Cost of Ownership of your VNA system is minimized!

How the FloorShaver works

The FloorShaver operates dust-free and grinds at high speed 120 to 250m² per day. This fully automated grinding robot works entirely on electricity. What’s more, the ultraflat floor obtained with FloorShaver comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Thanks to the FloorShaver, the Total Cost of Ownership of your VNA system is minimized!

Durable and clean solution

The FloorShaver works quickly and delivers dust-free work. Moreover, the grinder operates entirely on electricity. Good to know: you enjoy a 30-year guarantee on the flatness achieved by the FloorShaver.

Meet the FloorShaver R

Never content to rest on our laurels, we created the FloorShaver R to help our customers achieve ultraflat floors and tracks for static and dynamic robots. The perfect grinding solution for efficient robotics.

The FloorShaver can be used for various applications:

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