Bridge to an
ultra-flat floor

FloorBridge® profiles have been developed to bridge joints in industrial concrete floors. Made of carbon-reinforced polymer concrete, the joint system is resistant to shocks and extreme loads. The joints contain no metal and are thus 100% stainless.




Innovative joint profile

Defective joints and uneven floors force forklift drivers to work at slower speeds and result in Higher maintenance costs and ergonomic complaints FloorBridge has developed a solid solution: an innovative polymer joint profile to repair joints flawless and with lasting results.

Winning assets of FloorBridge at a glance:

Stainless and extremely durable

Conventional metal joints can rust. FloorBridge, on the other hand, is an extremely durable joint solution that will make forklift movements more efficient while reducing the number of ergonomic problems significantly.

Also in your

FloorBridge has already provided structural solutions for many customers in various sectors worldwide. From the automotive, food and distribution to the pharmaceutical industry, they all want to avoid interruptions to logistics at all costs. With FloorBridge, we can provide our customers with a solid joint solution without disturbance.

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