New code of practice for VNA floor grinding

As our planet struggles with climate change, the warehousing sector must strive to become more efficient. The Federation of Materials Handling, a pan European organisation including Russia and Turkey, has recently published a new Code of Practice (FEM 4.103-1) which will make VNA warehouses much more efficient.

What does the new Code of Practice for VNA floor grinding entail?

The major VNA truck manufacturers, along with other ancillary companies including AlphaPlan, have been working towards a unified floor guideline which not only improves efficiency but also improves the conditions for VNA truck drivers. This process began in 2010 with the publication of the VDMA guideline, Floors for Use with VNA Trucks.

The publication of the Code of Practice will mean that all current European Norms (EN’s), that include stipulations for VNA racking and floors will be edited to have them removed. For example; EN 15620 will be edited to remove the DM1 tolerances for VNA aisles (it will not be included in the new EN). This will effective relegate the DM1 profile back to a commercial guideline recommended by the UK Concrete Society whose members lay, grind and measure concrete floors. No truck companies were involved in the formulation of the TR34 guideline.

When the editing process is complete a new EN will be published based on the FEM Code of Practice.

The new Code of Practice also strengthens the accuracy requirement for devices which measure concrete floors. The AlphaPlan FloorProfiler is the only device which can measure VNA defined movement aisles and comply with the Code of Practice.

How will this new Code impact the world of concrete grinding?

The outcome of these changes is that it will place the focus on the lowest cost of ownership of a warehouse, rather than focusing on short term savings which inevitably lead to a loss of efficiency.


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