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Advantages for the User

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Guaranteed advantages

Best quality -

You can be sure you’ll get top value for money when we go to work in your warehouse. Our solution combines maximal lifespan of your VNA-truck with minimal maintenance.

Optimal safety -

Safety is paramount in any warehouse. Employees have to be safe if they are to work efficiently and enjoy their job. AlphaPlan ultraflat floors fit that requirement to a T. The result? Less absenteeism, faster task completion and a great atmosphere for all!

Sustainable choice -

We always work with sustainable materials with the environment firmly in mind. As innovation is one of our core values, we are constantly looking for new, sustainable and ecological techniques to improve our machines.

Mindful though we are of the environment, we do not lose sight of your wallet. So take the plunge with AlphaPlan and go for an ultraflat floor the sustainable way.

Still not convinced? We throw in a guarantee of no fewer than thirty years on the obtained flatness for all our clients.

Efficient approach

We get down to work as promptly as possible, and are gone before you know it. Your warehouse experiences a maximum of operational continuity during our works. A win-win situation for all involved!


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