Flatness standards

Floor flatness is essential for the performance of all MHE, but vital for VNA industrial trucks. With ever challenging heights and speed being at the forefront of warehouse operations existing standards such as DIN 18202, DIN 15185 as well as the technical recommendations such as TR34, only represent the basic floor flatness tolerances. What these do not cover is the performance of very narrow aisles trucks and in these cases VDMA, EN 15620 or FEM 10.2.14-1 should be specified and adhered too.

VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Germany 2010)
This standard was developed at the request and with the approval
EN 15620 (European Norm September 2021)
This VDMA flatness requirement was included in the FEM 10.2.14 / 4.103 – 1 and from September 2021 in the European standard EN 15 620.
DIN 15185 (standard)
In August 1991 the DIN 15 185 standard was published, which is specifically concerned with the analysis of floors in high-bay warehouses.
DIN 18202 (standard)
The latest version of the DIN 18202 standard was published in April 1997.
F min numbers (ACI360R-10)
First used on a large-scale commercial project in 1983.
TR34 (brochure to design and construction of industrial ground floors)
In February 2003 the British Concrete Society aided by the ACIFC revised its Technical Report 34.


Flatness standards


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