Safer and more efficient VNA warehouses are only a flat floor away

We at AlphaPlan specialise in creating the lowest cost of ownership for the safest and most efficient VNA warehouse floors

Our systems are all based on modifying the concrete floors in either new, or existing VNA warehouses. Grinding the concrete floors Ultraflat can double the efficiency and safety of the VNA warehouse.

Our system consists of the following elements:

  • FloorProfiler: A device to measure the absolute profile of the floor
  • FloorShaver: A machine to modify the floor to make it Ultraflat
  • FloorBridge: A long lasting jointing system
  • FloorSimulator: A way of visualising the savings that our clients can achieve

Certifications guaranteeing integrity and independence

We use floor-levelling techniques that we have been creating over the last 25 years.

Over this time, we have obtained certifications in many areas of our business, including: ISO 9001, ISO50001, ISO14001, VSA Petrochemical and we will be accredited to ISO 45001 from 2020.

The design of our measuring devices is certified by the Regulation and Audit Policy Department of the Belgian Government. This level of certification guarantees our integrity and independence.

We work hard on our systems so that we can appreciate and mitigate the risks involved.

Independent surveys

We work closely with the German engineering organisation the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau  (VDMA). Our measuring technologies are designed to meet the strict VDMA requirements and our survey results are completely independent

The independence of our survey results is critical in an industry where many companies do not manufacture their measuring devices under any sort of quality system, have no external certification for any process and produce their survey results on software that is open to modification.

All our data is interpreted, and subsequent reports produced on an external server that we have no access to.

The most accurate floor-measuring device

We have the only metrology instrument that can satisfy the requirements of the pan European Materials Handling Federation (FEM) Code of Practice FEM 4.103-1. 

This document was published on 1st October 2018 and the contents are to be adopted verbatim in a new European Normative (EN) controlling flooring for VNA warehouses. The Code of Practice stipulates that devices should be accurate to 0.01mm. Our FloorProfiler is externally certified and calibrated to this level of accuracy.

30-year warranty on fully automated technology

Our concrete floor processing technology is fully automated, fully electric and produces floors that we are happy to guarantee for 30 years. This is an example of the extreme confidence we have in our staff and our outcomes.

Our philosophy has always been that we must strive to create the flattest floors possible. We do not work to achieve set standards for floor flatness; we surpass any standard that is or will be available.

All of the above facts allow us to achieve the lowest cost of ownership for our clients. We marry our deep commitment to achieving the best with our externally certified management ethos.

Don’t save on safety, double your efficiency

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