In order to guarantee a perfectly smooth operation of your fleet of forklift trucks, absolutely flat warehouse floors are necessary.  To meet this this challenge we offer our clients a complete solution.

Our Mission

AlphaPlan bvba is an international company that develops techniques and methods to provide internal transportation of maximum efficiency. This means: maximum work speed, maximum safety, maximum reliability, maximum lifespan and minimum maintenance. We do this by grinding concrete warehouse floors to ultimate smoothness, offering solutions for joint profiles, etc.

  • From many years of experience, the design and development of our very unique FloorShaver has grown in order to continuously improve our advanced technical service to our clients.
  • In this very unique service we want to keep progressing with the current standards for flat floors in order to continuously increase client satisfaction and client loyalty.
  • We want to achieve this mission through quality, safety and environmentally friendly execution of the contracts with our clients and through innovation.
  • We are also committed to the continuous training of our staff for the purpose of a professional work and a growing employee satisfaction.
  • All this activity is to ensure and maintain the satisfaction of the management and shareholders of AlphaPlan bvba.

Our Certificates

AlphaPlan bvba is committed to expanding its integrated management system and making it operationally according to the provisions of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and VCA version 2017 / 6.0. The goal is to monitor and continuously improve performance in terms of quality, environment, energy and safety.

VCA 2008
ISO 50001
ISO 14001
Belgian Government Approval for Software Design Ultraflat Floors
Belgian Government Approval for Measurement of Ultraflat Floors
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Ultraflat Quadrathlon

In order to always achieve the #AlphaPlan quality result, our QEST-manager Kenn does a constant Quadrathlon. 

Quality - Environment - Safety - Training

AlphaPlan Ultraclean

100% Dust-free technology

AlphaPlan Ultrafast

FloorShaver: Ultrafast! The ROI is really impressive!

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Whether you're looking for answers, would like to solve a problem with your floor, you'll find many ways to contact us. We'll help you resolve your issues quickly, easily and in a superflat way.