AlphaPlan upgrades your VNA aisles, on new and existing floors, so that your VNA trucks can operate more efficiently. This means full speed at full height guaranteed.

We provide you with an Ultraflat VNA floor by using our concrete grinding FloorShaver system that:

  • Minimizes disruption to warehouse operations.




We can grind up to 100 meters per shift

Only needs one aisle per shift to be out of action

  • Is safe for your staff, products and racking.



100% Dust Free Operation

Electrically Powered and Wire Guided

Quiet < 75 dBa

Grind slurry safely processed

All our staff are VCA Petrochemical Trained (SCC)

  • Has Independent Certification



VDMA flatness certified

ISO9001 Quality System

ISO50001 Energy Management

EN14001 Environmental Management

Why spend ten's of thousands of euros on a VNA truck and not give the truck the floor the manufacturer specifies?

New floors - Existing  floors - Renovation

In order to guarantee a perfectly smooth operation of your fleet of forklift trucks at full speed, absolutely flat warehouse floors are necessary.  To meet this challenge we offer a complete solution:

  • your warehouse floors are measured digitally with the help of our extremely precise measuring robot, the FloorProfiler, and based on this data we will calculate our proposals (ultraflat grinding)
  • your floors are then upgraded using either our high-tech FloorShaver
  • we also have a variety of finishing services from which you can choose (with FloorBridge® joint repair, installation of a wire system, sealer application)

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Thursday 31 May 2018


Hoping to make a difference to the floor flatness technology required by all MHE manufacturers.

Looking forward to working with their technical team on the FEM and their floor flatness standards!

Alphaplan UL & Ireland
Tuesday 15 May 2018

AlphaPlan UK & Ireland

We welcome Paul Chadderton as Development Manager UK & Ireland to the AlphaPlan Group: AlphaPlan UK & Ireland.

Paul's valuable knowledge will be a welcome boost to our expanding business.

Monday 16 April 2018

Cemat, Hannover

From the 23rd till the 27th of April Team AlphaPlan will be showing off the world’s very first FloorSimulator at FG K61 at Cemat.🏆. We’d love to have you over!

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Ultraflat Quadrathlon

In order to always achieve the #AlphaPlan quality result, our QEST-manager Kenn does a constant Quadrathlon. 

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AlphaPlan Ultraclean

100% Dust-free technology

AlphaPlan Ultrafast

FloorShaver: Ultrafast! The ROI is really impressive!