Alphaplan team heroes

Work Hard, Play Hard(er)! We at Alphaplan always make time to enjoy life and new unforgettable experiences together!

We wrapped up 2022 with an exceptional experience at #FlyinLiège and experienced the sensations of a free fall in the largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel in the world.

A great way to build up an appetite so that we ended up in a local pizzeria for a delicious meal together.


Alphaplan meets @ Chocolate Nation!

A couple of weeks and projects later the year had finally come to an end and we were getting ready to enjoy our Christmas break.

As a yearly tradition, we make time to look back onto everything that went right, or could have been better, in the past year.

And we look ahead to see what’s waiting for us in the new year.

This time we decided to go on location and enjoy yet another very different experience in the World’s Largest Belgian Chocolate Museum.

After a morning of hard work, we were all invited by one of the museum’s chocolatiers to join in and be creative with chocolate!

And the cherry on top was a delicious dinner with a twist. What a perfect way to end the year.



Alphaplan team heroes